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Origin: CANADA.

Composition: HEXYL NITRITES.

Content: 30 ml.

Weight: 88 gr.

Tips: Keep in the fridge and keep it longer.

Intensity: 7/10.

Delivery time is between 2-7 days
 Shipped within 48 hours


All the poppers offered on our website are authentic products that we purchased directly from the manufacturers or official distributors. We sell only the original products registred as ROOM ODORISOR or LEATHER CLEANER. Of course, even though safety and security of those products has been proven through the decades, we recommend that you strictly follow the instructions - we don't encourage any misuse, in any way. 

We calculate our stocks to only dispatch fresh products. We don't stock them on shelves for more than 3 months.

None of our products are to be inhaled directly from the bottle, it's clearly stated on the bottle.

Please note that poppers are volatile products, they are sensitive to pressure and temperature differences. During transport, it's not impossible that extreme conditions (especially in summer) could cause evaporation. We do our best to reduce that risk but we can't stop room odorisors from doing what they do best.

Nitrites are legal in most European countries but it's your responsibility to check your local regulation. We are not responsible if customs stop the product or refuse delivery to your door, in your country.